Colombia Javier De La Rosa

Process: Washed
Altitude: 2200 meters
Varietal: Colombia
Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Cherry Jam

This farm is nestled at the bottom of a steep cliff in a unique microclimate. The cliff catches clouds and dumps large amounts of rain on the farm helping to nourish the coffee trees Javier grows. The altitude at this farm is pretty extreme (measured at 2205 masl at the top of Javier's growing plot) and it should be too cold to grow coffee. The horseshoe shaped rock face helps radiate heat into the little valley to keep it warmer at night. The cool temperatures also lend well to slow maturation of his cherries.

Javier also has invested in a small mechanical drier to help the coffees dry in a reasonable amount of time. The days are always cloudy and cool so without some type of mechanical drying, the parchment would never get down to the proper moisture level. Their continuous improvements in quality over the years have made this coffee a signature selection for Apex.
Green Importer: Apex

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