Espro Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewer

Espro Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewer

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• Dual Mode allows the brewer to be used with Espro Bloom specific paper filters or without a filter for a full bodied cup. We stock the Espro Bloom filters in the Filter category - so head over there to order!

• Unique cone to recessed bed geometry protects coffee grounds during brew, ensures all water sees the same amount of coffee, and promotes even extraction at breakthrough speed

• Integrated 1502 precision-etched holes in metal filter are individually flared to help draw extract through faster

• Optimized open area of metal filter tuned to produce 9 oz of coffee extract at SCA’s golden cup standard in 2 min

• Curved bottom collects extract into fewer streams for greater heat retention

• Steep angled brew chamber increases water height and head pressure over the brew, promoting faster extraction

• Integral double bend on brewer wall to indicate guidelines for easily pouring water over your coffee grinds

• Opening on the base to let you monitor the level of coffee in your cup or carafe

• Advanced thermal sleeve with Fibonnacci spiral incorporates 136 molded air pockets for added thermal protection

• Curved wall paper filters, matching the unique physics of the brewer precisely, and ensuring maximum extraction

• Heavy weight oxygen-cleansed paper ensures a more neutral flavor if used without pre-wetting

Includes 10 Chlorine-Free Compostable Paper Filters