We recommend trying one of our Discovery Collections. There are three to choose from and each collection includes three different coffees - allowing you to try a range of roast & flavour profiles. Still have questions? Send us an email at info@propellercoffee.com and we are happy to help you choose the right coffee for you!

Both! All of our coffees are kept whole beans until you specify your preferred brewing method in the drop down menu on the product page. Choose Whole Bean if you prefer your coffee not ground.

Our "espresso" grind setting assumes that customers will use the coffee with pressurized baskets. This is because there simply is no grind setting that will work for all (or even most) customers using an espresso machine otherwise. More than any other brewing method, espresso requires the ability to dial in and make adjustments to grind size depending on bean type, roast style, age, taste, and recipe. Furthermore, because ground coffee off-gasses very quickly, even the most finely ground coffee loses its ability to properly slow the flow of high-pressure water after a few days. Pressurized baskets were invented to solve this problem. We recommend that aspiring home baristas purchase a grinder suitable for espresso (such as the Breville SmartGrind Pro), or use an espresso machine with one built-in (such as the Breville Barista Touch, or Barista Pro) Both are available in our online shop.

Turbo Espresso and Skyhawk Dark Roast are our most popular crowd pleasers. With just a touch of roast and a caramel undertone, they are sure to be a staple in your home or office as well.

Yes, we carry a Certified Organic decaf coffee that uses the Swiss Water process for a 99.9% caffeine-free coffee. This process uses only water with no chemical additives, leaving the flavor of the coffee intact. Learn more about the process in our blog post.

We recommend "resting" our coffee anywhere from 3 - 7 days from the roast date before serving - this allows the beans to off-gas and makes it easier to work with and maintain your dial-in settings.

For optimal quality it is recommended that coffee be consumed within 30 days of the roast date - and resealing the zipper between uses. Coffee after 30 days isn’t suddenly bad though, it just isn’t as fresh tasting and vibrant..

Store your coffee in a cool and dry place, like a cupboard. Between uses reseal the zipper on the bag to keep your beans tasting fresh longer.

We rotate our menu seasonally to offer only the freshest coffees at all times. Look for it again next year, it is something to look forward to! In the meantime, check out our current fresh arrivals - we offer a diverse range of flavours and there is surely something similar to your favourite.

Check out our handy brew guides. Our brew guides are a great way to start or refine your coffee experience at home. Need new brewing equipment? Check out our gear page for our favourite brewers and accessories.

We source and roast the highest quality green coffee available, as such, we do not need to roast exceptionally dark to attain many of the qualities that our customers love about a delicious dark roast; dark chocolate, nutty, and rich caramel notes are all present in our Turbo, Skyhawk and Rivet offerings.

If you’re looking for something with lower acidity and more full bodied, we’d recommend the Turbo or Outbound Espresso blends - they are full bodied and well balanced and low acidity. If you are, in fact, looking for something bright and more acidic - Ace Espresso is our brightest and fruitiest, while still a balanced espresso.

Yes, our low acid options are Skyhawk, Rivet and Turbo. Turbo is a classic espresso that also doubles as a filter option, and Skyhawk and Rivet (our darkest roasts) are both low-acid filter options that are caramelly, chocolaty, and nutty.

This is normal for lighter roasts. The lighter bits you are seeing is the "chaff" that is left in the crease of the coffee bean. In dark roasts, this material is burned away, but in light roasts it sticks around. It doesn't taste of anything, so it won't affect flavour.

We roast on demand to ensure the freshest coffee, then package and ship daily.

At Propeller Coffee Co, we believe Cold Brew should be cold, and so our process never uses heat. Instead, we use micron filtration on our cold brew, ensuring maximum flavour, with minimal intervention.

Our black labels signify products that are available year-round, such as our espresso blends, filter blends, and our Swiss Water Process Decaf. White labelled coffees are our rotating selection of single-origin beans that change month to month, as new, fresh coffees come in from around the world. Black labels are great for customers who enjoy brewing something perennial, while our white label coffees are for those who want to shake things up.

“Single origin” means that a coffee is not blended, but rather an offering of coffee from one traceable source, be it a particular coffee-growing region, a smaller community of producers, or even a single farm. Our white-labelled single origin coffees are always roasted so as to showcase the unique characteristics of coffees grown, harvested, and processed at these origins.

Our online shop is available 24/7. If you are looking for retailers close to where you live, contact us at info@propellercoffee.com and we’ll be happy to point you to your local retailer.

Coffee Subscriptions

With Propeller’s coffee subscription you save 10% off* coffee year round and 10% off* filters and gear. With a subscription, you’re in control. You choose how many bags of coffee you want, what type of coffee you want and how often you get it. Need more coffee? Add another bag to your next order. Because our subscriptions are fully customizable, you can make changes on the fly to suit your current needs and be sure to never run out of coffee again. *10% off coffee, filters and gear cannot be combined with any other offer or discount, cannot be applied to previous orders and can only be applied to regular priced coffees, filters and gear.

Yes! Our subscription service is completely customizable. If you find you’re getting too little or too much coffee (impossible!), or if you want to try a different bean, you can change your order any time you like. Just make your changes before you receive your next order confirmation so we can capture your updated preferences in time for your next order.

Did we mention that with our subscription service you're in control? You always have the power to change how often you get coffee. We’re here to keep you reliably caffeinated.

Our single origins are always rotating, so if you’ve selected the single origin subscription, you’ll get an ever changing array of exciting new coffees to try. Got a favourite? Let us know and we’ll make sure you get it again while it’s in stock.

Absolutely. You’ll have a chance to select your grind type from a drop down menu during the signup process. Need to make a change? You can do so at any time. Want whole beans? We’ve got you covered, that’s our default option.

If you’re headed out of town, or something comes up, you can skip your next order from your customer portal. No need to pause anything.

Absolutely! Give the gift of coffee by selecting gift subscriptions - you'll be able to select from 3, 6, and 9 months durations.

One bag, one time, that’s it. You can change your subscription preferences or cancel your order at any time.

We’ll confirm your order on the Monday of your order week, and ship it out that Wednesday to ensure that you’re getting the freshest roasted coffee, delivered right to your door.

If you've selected Fil, your order will arrive on the Wednesday of your order week

Delivery dates vary for Canada-wide orders, check your tracking for more information.

Curbside Pick-up customers will receive a pickup notification on the Wednesday of their delivery week, notifying them that their order is ready for pickup.

We are located at 50 Wade Avenue, and are open for contactless pickup 9AM - 5PM Monday - Friday and 9AM - 3PM Saturday & Sunday.

If you require your coffee earlier in the week, email us at info@propellercoffee.com and we'll get you sorted!

Currently, we ship to Canada and the US. The cost of shipping is added to your order at checkout. If you’re ordering two bags within Canada, shipping is free. Spend over $70 on coffee to qualify for free shipping to the US.

We’re always happy to help equip you with the gear and accessories you need to keep brewing. To order gear, filters, or anything else alongside your subscription order, please place an order through your subscription customer portal.

No longer in need of coffee? Log in to your subscription account and click cancel. You’ll be walked through the steps needed to complete the process. Having trouble? Send us an email at info@propellercoffee.com and we’ll help you out.

Having trouble signing up or issues with an existing subscription, we’re here to help. Reach out to us at info@propellercoffee.com and we’ll get back to you to help you along the way.


Local delivery: Local orders in the GTA are shipped via Metroland Parcel Service (MPS). Order online by 1:00pm Monday to Friday to receive your order next business day. Orders placed any time on Saturday or Sunday will be processed on Monday and shipped out on Tuesday. Orders outside of the GTA: Orders are shipped via Canada Post, UPS, Purolator, Canpar, and FedEx. Delivery times typically take approximately 1-4 business days, depending on location (shipping to either coast is generally 5-7 business days). Due to increased shipping volume during the pandemic, you may experience longer than normal delivery times. Orders in the US are shipped via FedEx and typically arrive within 2-5 days. Any orders placed close to statutory holidays, during the Christmas holiday shopping season (mid November - January), or during any sales promotions may also experience longer than normal delivery times.

We ship to all Canadian provinces and within the Continental United States.

Enjoy free Canada-wide shipping for all orders of 2 or more bags of coffee and free shipping in the US is available for all orders of 4 or more bags of coffee. Our rates for all other orders are a flat rate $10 within Canada, and $14 within the Continental United States. Contact us at orders@propellercoffee.com to inquire about International Shipping Rates. 

Once you place your order an email confirmation will be sent, if you haven’t received it please check your spam folder. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please reach out to us at orders@propellercoffee.com. Once we receive your order we will roast, pack and ship it to you. Please check the delivery FAQ for delivery zones and shipping times.

Yes! Please choose Local Pickup when placing your order online. You will receive a confirmation email when your order is ready to pick up at our roastery located at 50 Wade Avenue.

If you are experiencing issues with placing an online order, please reach out to us at orders@propellercoffee.com and we will assist you in completing your order.


Yes! We are open from 9AM - 5PM Monday - Friday, and 9AM - 3PM Saturday and Sunday. Please check our Instagram page or google listing for updates for event closures. We follow all health and safety protocols

We often have two options on the espresso bar, Ace Espresso and Turbo Espresso. Ace if you prefer a profile with floral, fruity, and caramel notes and Turbo if you prefer a profile with more chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut notes. Turbo is the more popular choice for Americanos if you are having a tough time choosing - ask your barista what your options are!

For the health and safety of our staff and our customers, we are not offering public tours of our roastery or tastings at this time.

We're always looking for talented, passionate individuals to join our growing team! If interested, please send your resume to info@propellercoffee.com.


All of the brewing gear, filters and merchandise we sell in our online shop are recommended by our team. We thoroughly test each one to confidently know that it is a quality made product that delivers great tasting results! If you have specific requirements, drop us an email at info@propellercoffee.com and our team would be happy to assist.

Yes, please send us an email at info@propellercoffee.com and we would be happy to assist.


Our bags are recyclable and blue-bin friendly in both Canadian and US recycling streams. These bags were made to be processed with ease by recycling facilities. The bags are manufactured in a Bullfrog powered facility by Rootree - a sustainable Canadian packaging company. The bag formats are optimized for minimum waste and maximum efficiency. Our bags are made locally in Burlington, ON. Rootree’s digital printing process means no printing plates are used, allowing for small design changes and less waste produced.

The one-way valve allows the coffee to de-gas and keeps oxygen out to keep your beans fresh!


We host wedding ceremonies & receptions, food & beverage industry events, corporate meetings, fundraisers and private events. Send a detailed description of your event to events@propellercoffee.com and we would be happy to send you more information on our events space.

Please send an email detailing your event to events@propellercoffee.com and we would be happy to send you more information on our events space.

Yes! If you are interested in renting our cupping room please send an email with event details to events@propellercoffee.com and we would be happy to send you more information.

Due to the presence of heavy machinery and specialized equipment only trained staff are able to use the roasting facility and it is not available for events. We have windows for a sneak peak of the roasting action though, so you can safely view the space.