• Food 4 Farmers

    Food 4 Farmers

    This month, Propeller Coffee is highlighting Food 4 Farmers to continue to raise awareness for the incredible work they are doing. Here is an update from Food 4 Farmers on their progress and challenges from the last year and plans for the year ahead. Guest Blog Post Written By Food 4 Farmers Across Latin America, seasonal hunger – a persistent and insidious form of food insecurity that affects generations of people in a geographic region –  is devastating coffee-farming families and threatening the future of coffee. Despite producing Fair Trade and organic certified coffees, many families find themselves living on...

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  • New Year, New Gear - Tips & Tricks

    New Year, New Gear - Tips & Tricks

    We hope your holidays were filled with joy, warmth, and maybe a sprinkle of brewing magic! 🎁✨ Whether you unwrapped new gear or decided to gift yourself a brewing treat, we're here to make sure you get the most out of your experience. Hario V-60 - The Art of the Gentle Spiral: Unlock the full potential of your iconic Hario V-60 pour-over brewer by perfecting the art of the gentle spiral pour. Achieve an even, flat brew bed by focusing on a smooth, circular motion. Say goodbye to uneven surfaces and hello to a brew that maximizes sweetness and balance....

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  • Sip Into Summer - Get Our Summer Drink Recipes

    Sip Into Summer - Get Our Summer Drink Recipes

    Make a drink from our summer menu at home!

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  • How To Turn A Pourover Recipe Into A Kyoto-Style Iced Drip Recipe

    How To Turn A Pourover Recipe Into A Kyoto-Style Iced Drip Recipe

    Summery weather got you wanting to make the switch to iced coffee but you don't know how? Spent all winter perfecting your pourover technique and don't want to waste the effort? This is the post you've been looking for. Let's start with the basics. A pourover recipe should include: a weight of coffee (dose), a weight of brewing water, a grind size, a total drip time, and some technique (blooming, pour timing, stirring, swirling, etc.) Take your coffee dose and multiply by 2. Subtract this from your water weight, then divide by 2. This is the weight of ice you...

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  • Our B Corp Story

    Our B Corp Story

    There are so many things we could blog about when it comes to B Corps. What is a B Corp? Why is the B Corp movement important? How does a company become a B Corp? Who is a B Corp? How do I find out which of my favourite companies are B Corps?  The list of questions and great blog topics is endless. But a lot of that you can read about anywhere. (If you’re looking for a good primer on B-Corps, check out this great article from the B Lab itself. When it comes down to it - there’s...

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  • #BehindTheGift


    As part of the B-Corp holiday campaign - #BehindTheGift - we sat down with Losel Tethong - the founder of Propeller Coffee - for a quick Q&A to talk about the story behind the gift. Q. Tell us a bit about Propeller Coffee. A. Propeller Coffee Co. is a purpose-driven, award-winning, specialty coffee roaster. We are Canada's first B-Corp certified micro-roaster and everything we do is guided by sourcing and roasting some of the world's best coffee's in the most sustainable way possible and building community at every step. Q. What are you excited about in coffee? A. We're most...

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