Ace Espresso


This medium-light roast is a seasonal blend of Latin American and African coffees. A deeply layered modern espresso, with sparkling acidity and fresh fruit sweetness.

Tasting Notes: Berries + Caramel + Floral


  • 50% Colombia
  • 50% Tanzania

Brewing Parameters:

Using an 18 gram VST basket

18 grams ground coffee

36 grams liquid espresso

Grouphead at 201F

9 bars pressure

28-32 second extraction

This coffee has received a few awards over the past few years:

  • June 2014 - The Coffee Review awarded this coffee with 93 points - one of the highest scores ever received by a Canadian Roaster!
  • June 2015 - And this year it did even better - our Ace received a 94 rating and was listed in three different categories, Best EspressoHighest Rated Coffee and Best Value Coffees!

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